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Creating a new dimension of ART through color, texture and form - experiencing the VISUAL ELEMENT of nature with PHOTOGRAPHY

SUSAN CLEAVER "What I choose to offer to the viewer"

"Visual Element, the website, was created to share the way I experience color and texture in the world through the art of digital photography."

Visual Element is the name that encompasses all elements of my work - that of being a visual artist using a medium of photography and an IT darkroom. My specialty is photography of nature - birds, insects, flowers and vistas and also under the ocean - of all kinds of critters and sea life. From there I hand pick my favourite photos and create composite, collage, mandalas and mozaic artworks.

Photo Composites are a selection of two or more images blended together to create a final image. As an artist photographer I'm constantly coming up with differenct concepts which I would like to convey in a single image. I want to draw the viewer into a world that may not be real, but questions reality or our concept of it. A sort of hyper-real vision of the world now and perhaps a version of what it could become in the future. Composite Photography was created in the 1880's and with the technical and digital advancements of this time, it has become a favourite of mine to express my ideas through my art.

Mandalas are like a cakeslice snapshot of a particular photo - they capture both the beauty and the color of the object and bring it to the attention of the viewer like nothing else I have ever experienced. They focus attention on color and beauty rather than a particular form and therefore it is hard to judge the photo as a particular 'thing'. Mandalas have traditionally been used for meditation and quiet contemplation. I hope to capture the viewer's attention and allow them to view a bird, a butterfly, or a flower in a wholly different way, and allow them to really see the truly magnificent colors and patterns available in nature if only we look closely.

Mozaics are a large photo formed by thousands of smaller photos. If you look at the work closely you will see many tiny photos. If you stand back you will see one large photo. They intrigue me as you can always find something different each time you look. My new mozaic work also helps to create texture and highlight color which makes the art 'pop' from the frame.

Collage is different again. I use techniques from both my mandala and mozaic work to create layers and build up images and colors. From flowers, butterflies, underwater sea creatures and more, I can create fantastical scenes of nature that I imagine we would love to see. From there, I individually print each leaf or flower, then cut, layer and curl and paste to form the whole and bring each piece to life.

All my artworks are original. They start as photographs taken in the field by myself then created and printed into the artwork in my office studio. I use anything at hand to finalise an artwork from board, acrylic paints, collage and framing. My larger artworks are 1 off pieces that will never be re-created. I also like to create Wallpaper, artwork for bookcovers, greeting cards, textiles and more. Lastly, I have a selection of my favourite Photos - most have been used for both mandala, collage and mozaic work already. I hope you enjoy the journey!


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"thousands of tiny photos to form the one image, creating texture and color
- a dimensional journey"

"a slice of nature multiplied, creating shapes colors and forms
- a spiritual journey"


"forms of nature multiplied creating new and inspirational scenes
- why not?"


wallpaper, other art
"mandalas, collage and fractals as art, textiles, wallpaper and more
- try it out"


stock photos
"original photos used for all art plus more to see
- have a look"


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